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Who are we?

   Markus Hörning GmbH is an innovative family company and the youngest in the Hörning Group, which in 8 years has developed into a regional player in the property market in southwest Saxony and is predominantly active on an equity basis. Take a look at the numerous references here …

Together with experienced experts from the fields of architecture, construction, law and business administration, marketing and sales, we offer a complete range of property services.

According to the motto: “A three-legged table cannot tip over”, Markus Hörning GmbH has focused on three topics – always taking environmental aspects into account and using energy technologies:

    The acquisition and development of attractive old buildings with the aim of letting and selling them
    The acquisition of undeveloped land for new construction with age-appropriate residential complexes
    Bank liquidation and support of partition auctions

The company’s sources of income are the proceeds from the sale and letting of the properties.

As a private, down-to-earth family business, we want to be the regional market leader in the field of professional property management creating high-quality but affordable living space. Projects to touch and to feel good, yes, to participate… Our focus is on extraordinary multi-generational and senior citizen projects with a close relationship to the wishes and needs of our fellow human beings in the region.

With this deep regional connection, we pursue ethical and environmentally sustainable values at the same time, instead of “faster, higher, further”. We combine entrepreneurial ideas in a special way with the social values and problems of modern society. “Active Aging” is the core element of the SUNlife® Senior Citizens Project and combines classic components of previous tried-and-tested senior citizen concepts with new approaches of impressive social commitment and a new sense of social responsibility according to the principle “ethics pays” both the entrepreneur and the senior citizens actively involved in the implementation. These in turn take on a new role in line with their own ideas, are one of the supporting pillars of common social responsibility and, by participating in the organisation of everyday life, also create for themselves the feeling of being “needed”, of reaping recognition and thus the feeling of satisfaction.

We live our vision daily with absolute enthusiasm, communicating closely and designing jointly with our customers, investors and employees. It is characterised by our claim to absolute reliability, efficiency and quality as the basis for stable growth.

We are

 down-to-earth, innovative, flexible and well organised
 motivated, reliable and open to new challenges
 an established and committed team
 fair in our dealings
 reliable and stand by our word

Communication and learning are part of our success. Thinking about long-term value retention and sustainability allow us to build environmentally using energy technologies, often above the standards required by law.
For us, active social commitment in the region is part of our responsibility.

Our properties are certified by the German Sustainable Building Council. Membership certificate here…

Markus Hörning GmbH searches specifically for prestigious properties for development in medium-sized towns and locations and combines functional design with environmental and energy-related components. Each property becomes an individual gem that preserves a piece of history – and all of this at rents and purchase prices that users and investors can afford. Owner-occupiers or investors can purchase undivided properties or freehold apartments. We always have several projects with planning permission available.

These properties, built around the turn of the century, are located close to the city centre and have excellent infrastructure. They are located in quiet districts (micro-locations). They are characterised by attractive facades and functional floor plans.

The old structure is to be preserved as a valuable cultural asset and converted into new, high-quality living space. The legislator has created additional incentives with increased depreciation possibilities. For many a unique opportunity to build up a fortune with the “long-term winner” property and possibly to enjoy the twilight years rent-free. You can see a selection of references here.

The first new construction project for housing suitable for the elderly is in the planning phase, construction is scheduled to begin in 2019 after the planning permission has been issued.
Read our SUNlife information brochure or find out more at

The classic freehold apartment is often seen as an entry-level investment property. This is not a big investment. A freehold apartment can also be interesting as a retirement provision for owner-occupiers.
Some special features are:

As the owner, I pay the so-called common charge to the property manager, who practically plays the role of the owner.
These include administrator costs, management costs and allocations to the maintenance reserve. The amount of the operating costs is regulated in the so-called Calculation Regulation (Berechnungsverordnung). Part of these costs can be passed on to the tenant in the event of letting.
If the property is vacant, the owner has to bear these costs as the risk of loss of rental income or vacancy costs. Other items for the owner are bank charges and depreciation.

Before purchasing a freehold apartment, the business plans and the costs to be paid should be checked.
We will be happy to do this for you on request.

The guaranteed returns on traditional bank investments and the surpluses of life insurers have fallen to a minimum, these investments therefore need to be scrutinised closely if they are to be used for a retirement provision and are currently not attractive. The problem is that inflation is often higher than the interest rate and therefore cannot be offset. As a result, the real monetary value of the investment falls steadily.

Although investment funds and equities can be interesting as part of a pension portfolio, they are also subject to major fluctuations. This is precisely why real values such as precious metals and property have long since regained importance … and the trend is clear: land register instead of savings book! No type of investment provides as much security, protection against inflation and appreciation as property, provided that the location is right.

The effects of inflation, the ups and downs on the stock markets, the derailment of the financial markets and growing government debt had no effect on real capital, especially precious metals and property. Because even government bonds no longer offer a safe haven, investors are left with only precious metals and property. However, since gold, silver or platinum do not yield any current interest income, e.g. for retirement income, only property remains as a long-term investment.

This is precisely the basis of our business model: material assets as the foundation for a sustainable retirement provision, higher and more reliable returns and more liquidity. Property remains a long-term winner!

Why the demand for property is constantly increasing …

4 Reasons for a property:

   The increasing fear of inflation and the “flight” into real capital
   Temporary low mortgage rates
   The large backlog demand of Germans compared to the European average
   The demographic development, which we take a closer look at:

The demographic development with long-term forecasted population decline in Germany should actually result in a declining demand for housing. The opposite is true. Why? The demand for housing does not depend on the size of the population, but primarily on the number of households. The number of German households has risen by over 6 % in the past ten years. This trend will continue over the next 15 years.

In many cities apartments (new buildings or well renovated old buildings) have already become scarce. This is particularly the case in large cities, but also increasingly in so-called medium-sized towns.

The highest demand is in the population groups between 40 and 65 years of age.
There are 11 million households in the group aged 65 and over. Of these, only about 5 % live in apartments that have actually been built or converted for the elderly. The increasing aging of our society is creating a high demand for new or top-renovated, age-appropriate, barrier-free or low-barrier apartments with elevators. The trend here is towards urban areas close to the city centre. This is where many senior citizens see their desire for independence and participation in active life best realised.

Pictures say more than a thousand words. The following video describes the region as an interesting location for business and property, but also as a location for education and tourism.

The charm of the Vogtland

Markus Hörning GmbH currently investments mainly in property in the Vogtland or the Vogtland district. It lies between the Erzgebirge, Fichtelgebirge and Frankenwald mountains and connects Saxony with Bavaria, Thuringia and the Czech Republic.

The region was named after its rulers, the Vögte (lord protectors) of Weida and Gera in Thuringia, and was predominantly settled by Franks and some Bohemian violin makers. The latter made the Vogtland, the German music corner, world-famous as an instrument-making region, which the textile industry achieved with “Plauen lace” in the 20th century.

The green forests and meadows are reflected in over 70 place names which contain the word green, and make the gentle low mountain range landscape a popular holiday region in the heart of Europe. The Vogtland is a bridge between Central and Eastern Europe and thus an interface with the new markets created by the EU’s eastward expansion.

Embedded in the trans-European motorway and rail network, the A 9 from Berlin to Munich, the A 93 towards Regensburg, the A 72 to Dresden and the E 50 to Prague are all within easy reach.

The Ore Mountains extend along the border between the Czech Republic and Saxony and thus from the Vogtland in the west to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in the east.

The Vogtland district has excellent conditions for the relocation of industry and commerce. It provides above-average conditions for innovative and profitable business and company development. In close cooperation with the Vogtland municipalities, it guarantees a constant supply of attractive industrial and commercial areas.

The Vogtland offers as a business location a motivated, flexible workforce with a high level of education, in particular university and college graduates. The traditions in metalworking and engineering, as well as the proximity to the automotive locations in Germany, ensure a supply of skilled workers in these areas.

Due to the eastward expansion of the EU, many people from the Czech Republic come to work in the Vogtland region. Individual working time arrangements paired with the high motivation and flexibility of the workforce meet the requirements of a modern company structure.

The special site conditions

Why is the Vogtland so interesting for investments in selected micro-locations for Markus Hörning GmbH and its partners?

In the Vogtland you will find the following excellent location and general conditions in selected microlocations:

low standard land values, from as little as € 50.00 in central locations

low production costs from € 200.00 / sqm for redevelopment properties

cost prices from € 400.00 for partly-renovated properties from auction

high potential for value appreciation due to ever-increasing prices for land

high funding potential for urban regeneration

enorme infrastrukturelle Entwicklung in den Zentren Reichenbach, Plauen,Treuen

excellent connections to national rail and motorway networks

massive expansion of industrial estates and positive development of the labour market

growing demand for well-renovated living space

massive demolition of old buildings with the consequential shortage of living space

rising rents for well-renovated living space due to rising demand

It is not for nothing that leading economic experts and statisticians have come to the conclusion that the federal states of Saxony and Thuringia, and thus also the Vogtland, measured by:

Gross domestic product


Unemployment rate


Density of craftsmen

Debt level

Labour costs

will be the most dynamic economic regions in Germany in the medium term.

The boom in the Vogtland

Here a genuine upswing is being noticed. Grey is turning into colour. The cities in the Vogtland are growing – and property values are growing with them.

Living standards and value for rent: first-class!

Other cities have a park – the Vogtland is a park. In and around the cities, the inhabitants find the green counterbalance to urban working and living.

The future? Successful.

The Vogtland is a region that has never stood still and has taken its opportunities. The best prerequisite for value stability.

Old and new in harmony

In the Vogtland, history combines with the new.
Historic structures meet new buildings.
We draw on this capital – to build up your capital.

Vogtland in the quadrangle

From here you can go in all directions.
Rail, an airport and a well-developed motorway network offer fast connections.

  Multiple selection and categorisation of selected properties
  Hard acquisition profile for the purchase of property
  Property selection with high value appreciation potential
  Initial returns of at least 8% p.a. after refurbishment / modernisation
  Use of environmental and naturally degradable building materials
  Use of innovative technologies for energy-related housing and living space renovation
  Functional apartment floor plans with special layouts

  • 12 unique selling points for our senior citizen model

            a product of the Hörning Group

Quality Leadership & Ethical Values

We are setting new standards: Solidarity-based self-administration with a senior citizen advisory council is new. This revolutionary living concept meets the highest demands. Our aim is to become a showcase provider in the field of socially and emotionally forward-looking senior citizen housing.

Communal facilities

At the centre of our concepts is the community, by community facilities we do not only mean the “dining room”. Rather, there are places where the community and above all friendships and family contacts can be cultivated, such as barbecue areas, sun terraces, pavilions, libraries, fireplace and reading rooms, gyms and presentation rooms, etc.

Self-reliance for the woman…

Whether it is the receiving of post, the organisation of excursions, cultural and banquet days, celebrations, lectures, the popular language course or the wellness day with sauna and entertainment – everything has to be perfectly organised. Here the residents get involved and plan their leisure time together. The monthly plans are coordinated among all interested parties.

Self-reliance for the man…

Senior residences need a lot of care, because every now and then something is broken, and may involve high costs. Before we hire craftsmen, tenants with the necessary qualifications have the opportunity to lend a hand in order to save costs for the benefit of the community – in return for payment.

Care in a familiar environment

The core of our residences is and remains living in familiar surroundings, even if there is a need for nursing care. Even when there is a great need for care, it is not necessary to move to a care ward. This makes it possible to continue living in the community of friends and acquaintances and to participate in the daily routine.

As much independence as possible

Many people wish to have a self-reliant and independent way of life and an active community life into old age. To make this possible, we build high-quality apartments in suitable locations. Always considering the changing needs.

From herb bed to goldfish pond…

A private garden and a spacious park for walks and enjoyment are important feel-good factors, as are flower ensembles, herb and vegetable gardens for your own use.

In addition to a lot of peace and quiet and recreational value, our parks also offer a variety of social activities; anyone who wants to can simply join in.


All of our apartments are barrier-free and wheelchair accessible. Whether you are in the city or in the countryside, with us you will find the right apartment. Common rooms for social events or sporting activities round off the offering.

What happens in an emergency?

In cases of need, a 24-hour home emergency call service provides for the necessary immediate measures. For these cases, there are several easily accessible emergency call buttons in every senior citizen apartment. In addition, all telecommunications and web-based information technology modules can be individually compiled and set up for each resident.

Best agers are young and fit

It’s never too late for fitness – on the contrary! Nordic walking days, bike tours, running meetings, yoga, aqua fit, gymnastics, workouts, back training, bellicon training under the guidance of physiotherapists – all according to your wishes and health possibilities. If you like it quieter, you can play badminton, swim or use the sauna and massage facilities.

Senior to senior service

The service for the normal things of everyday life is largely organised, taken over and managed autonomously by the senior citizens: this includes shopping, shuttle activities, winter services, lawn mowing, hairdressing services, sewing, ironing, repair services, paperwork, translations, tax returns, and much more. These services are remunerated.

Nobody belongs >on the scrap heap<

This service goes many steps further: pensioners from the surrounding region can get various jobs, escort and care services much cheaper from their peers through a receiving office. Joint courses for e.g. “Safety in everyday life” or health issues are organised across residences. Our senior citizens are still in the midst of life.

We also give something back and have always been happy to assume social responsibility…

We are committed to the region and are particularly committed to the welfare of our children, to supporting a thriving education in schools through technical equipment, as well as in preschools with inventory and equipment, toys and leisure items and monetary support of joyful events for our little ones. We also offer our help in the promotion of sport and meaningful leisure activities.

Since our foundation 8 years ago, we have regularly supported several day nurseries in the Vogtland region, sports clubs and individual events. We help to find internships for our students and try to encourage their interests and inclinations…

This year the project 2025 launched. It consists of promoting our own fund for disadvantaged and sick children in our society and making an important contribution with targeted investments in cooperation with well-known children’s aid organisations. This year and next year, our selection fell not without reason on Die Arche under its motto and the abundance of goals worth supporting:

“We make children strong for life!

The key to a child’s heart is love and relationship. In Die Arche, children experience esteem and trust – regardless of their social background.

We are and will remain permanently by their side.”

As the main sponsor, we support the “Talenteschmiede bewegt” initiative, which aims to provide young people with active support in their career choices long before they graduate from school and finish their schooling, even if they are not yet quite sure where their strengths lie and which job really suits them. But only those who really know their talents and strengths can choose a profession that suits their own personality.

With the “Talenteschmiede bewegt” we want to support children and young people in the difficult phase of career and study orientation. The concept and the idea for the talent factory came from the Munich-based NaturTalent Stifung gemeinnnützige GmbH and has successfully accompanied over 30,000 satisfied students.

Our quality standards are high and geared to the different wishes of our customers. It does not end with expert advice and the presentation of solid and practicable ideas and solutions. Above all, it is also reflected very concretely in the high-quality standards that are reflected in functional and forward-looking apartment layouts, the use of high-quality, environmental materials and the use of the most innovative technologies in the course of an energy-related renovation. And our customer always has the last word…

Here are some examples of what we mean by this:

Our current brochure.

Read, download and print.

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